Why are we showing advertisements?

So why are we showing ads on our platform? 😅 So see we made this platform available for you completely free for the past 3three years 🙂 There was a reason for that and we see that reason has been fulfilled now. That reason is no longer needed 😃 So we have relaunched the ads if you have any feedback about this then mail us or come to our Telegram group and share your feedback with us

Reason u already know #indiawantanime

note: hamare android app me aapko koyvi ads dakne ko nhi milega
so aap wha ja krr aram se anime stream kr sakte he app download link - https://app.plyton.in/

note: hum website me ads isliye dikate taki server ka cost de paye butt avi takk humko
1rs vi eraning nhi hua XD

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